AC Motors 0.1 - 1000KW

Advantis provide a range of high quality competitve machines from leading manufacturers:-

  • Book Crompton
  • TEC
  • TECO

These are conventional round frame machines supplied up to IP56 standard with the option of force vent vector configuration. A range of high performance square frame machines for low intertia and more demanding applications in vector configuration are available from Advantis, mainly:-

  • TT Electric
  • Sicme Motori
  • Vascat

For Specialist applications including special shaft and mounting features along with high speed construction Advantis have been appointed UK agent to offer to the UK market some great machines from Dutch Manufacturer EN Motoren. 

Advantis are able to apply and offer the Parker TMW Series Torque Motors for extruders and similar high torque low speed applications. 

Motor Range 1200-22100 NM

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